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2018 Meeting Agenda

September 19, 20, and 21, Mammoth Lakes, California

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59th Association of Power Biologists Annual Meeting


Meeting Attendees




Amy Krisch




Kevin Barnes



Asia Gregory




Leah Hough



Beth McCasland




Lori Campbell



Brad Trumbo




Maggie David



Brad Wymore




Matt Bleich

Tacoma Power


Chris Karchesky




Miro Zyndol



Chris Kyger

Douglas County PUD



Nathan Zorich



Dan Cramer




Nick Ackerman



Erik Lesko




Rachael Poston



Gregg Garnett




Renny Schmidt



Jason Schilling

Douglas County PUD



Rich Madden



Jim Day




Sean Moura

Hawaiian Electric


Jim Stolberg




Stephen Lesky



John Swette




Terry Murphy



Katie Merewether

Univ of Arizona



Terry Shrader


 APB Lunch Break at Convict Lake

Wednesday September 19th  

Residing APB President Chris Karchesky welcomed participants and gave a few opening remarks regarding the 59th APB meeting.  He also introduced fellow officers Matt Bleich (Vice President) and Rachael Poston (Secretary and Treasurer). He also recognized Sarah Ball with Edison Electric Institute (EEI) who provided financial support for the 2018 APB meeting. 



A slide from Gregg Garnett-s presentation
  • Jim Day, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE): "Avian monitoring at the Dalles Dam - Adaptation and Salmonid Predation"

  • Gregg Garnett, USBR: "The 2012 Rogue Biological Opinion - Successes and Things I Wouldn't Do Again"

  • Katie Merewether, Arizona G&T: "Effects of Solar Energy Fields on Birds"

  • Brad Wymore, PGE: "Golden Eagle Study a Summary and Critique"

  • Jason Schilling, Douglas County PUD: "Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs) to Estimate Population Parameters of Great Blue Herons and Double-crested Cormorants at a Communal Rookery in the Mid-Columbia Basin"

  • Nathan Zorich, US Army Corps of Engineers: "Lamprey use of Passage Structures at Bonneville Dam 2017"


APB Annual Bowling & Opening Night Social

Following the conclusion of the first day of presentations, members traveled to Mammoth Rock and Bowl in Mammoth Lakes for the opening night social. 


Bowling night!


Thursday September 20th


Project Tour of Mammoth Lakes area

The tour was focused on showing members the unique geological setting of the Mammoth Lakes and Long Valley Caldera area. Additionally, APB donated $400 to the Valentine Ecological Reserve as the tour was led by volunteers.


The first stop was at the Mammoth Geothermal Complex owned and operated by Ormat Power. Members got a guided tour of the facility and how power was generated and how the plant functions, including seeing a turbine out for repair, and the turbine building.




The second stop was a self-guided tour of California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Hot Creek Trout Hatchery.



Next APB members visited the Hot Creek Geologic Site. Everyone was able to see how the Mammoth Lakes area is geologically active and why it lends itself well to geothermal power generation. And yes, the creek was really hot!




Everyone had a break for lunch at beautiful Convict Lake.



The day wrapped up with an afternoon hike and guided tour on the Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve. Volunteers led two separate groups that offered a glimpse of an untouched area of the Eastern Sierra where the land had never been grazed and a meadow that contained no non-native plant species.



APB Dinner Banquet

After a full day spent exploring the Mammoth Lakes and Long Valley Caldera area, members met up at the Mammoth Brewing Company for a catered dinner provided by The EATery in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  


Friday September 21th 




Sean Moura, Hawaiian Electric: "Protected Species Issues in Hawaii"

Matt Bleich, Tacoma Power: "Adaptive Management during license implementation. Techniques, tools, and lessons learned" (Presentation/Group Discussion)

Business Meeting

President Chris Karchesky called the business meeting to order following the conclusion of the presentations.


Orders of Business

Old Business

Review of the 2017 Meeting Minutes: Secretary Rachael Poston did a quick read-through from the 2017 meeting minutes (Hosted by Tacoma Power, Centralia, WA) to the group.  The meeting minutes were approved.   


New Business


1.     Treasury Report: Rachael Poston presented the Treasury Report at the meeting.  The report is included in the meeting minutes below.


a.     APB carried over a balance of $3,385.31 from the 2017 meeting.  Total expenses for APB in 2017 were $5,643.52.  The meeting cost and annual business expenses were shared among 30 attendees who paid a registration fee of $85 and a cash sponsorship from Edison Electrical Institute in the amount of $4,000.  After the completion of the 2017 meeting the APB treasury balance was $4,000.85.


b.    APB donated $400 to the Valentine Ecological Reserve as the educational tour was led by volunteers. This donation will be used to support children-s educational programs at the reserve like school field trips and summer camps.


c.     Litehouse Technology, LLC continued to do the website hosting.  Total website costs including the GoDaddy fee and website updates was $290.00.






2017 Carry Over




EEI Contribution




Registration Fees (reflects Paypal fee deduction)




SCE Federal Credit Union Charity Donation




Litehouse Web Hosting and Updates




Juniper Springs Meeting Room




Meeting & Tour Snacks and Refreshments (Tuesday-Friday)




Mammoth Rock & Bowl (Wednesday)




Mammoth Brewing Dinner (Thursday)




Old New York Deli (Lunches for Thursday Tour)




Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve (Donation)









2.    Candidate/New Full Members: Chris Karchesky read the list of all candidate/new members who submitted completed applications.


a.     No candidate members declared for 2018.


b.    Four new full members declared for 2018:


                                   i.         Asia Gregory - habitat restoration project manager with a BS in Biology from Long Island University and MS in Conservation Biology from Columbia University. Employed by SCE for eight years. Sponsored by Rachael Poston.


                                 ii.         James Day - biological technician with a BS from the University of Washington with additional training in pelagic fisheries at the University of Hawaii and the Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. Employed by the USACE for two years. Sponsored by Bob Cordie.


                               iii.         Jim Stolberg - fisheries group manager with a BS from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Employed by the Bureau of Reclamation for 18 years.


                                iv.         Leah Hough - terrestrial biologist with a BS in Biology from Cal State Long Beach. Employed by PGE for three years. Sponsored by Renny Schmidt.


3.    Officer Nominations and Elections: The secretary position was open. Two members were nominated - Asia Gregory (nominated by Rachael Poston) and Maggie David (nominated by Nick Ackerman).  Both Maggie and Asia's election was discussed by the group and Maggie was voted in with a majority vote as APB secretary. Congratulations Maggie!


4.    Meeting Awards:


a.     As determined by a confidential vote, the award for best presentation went to Brad Wymore from PGE for his "Golden Eagle Study a Summary and Critique" presentation.


b.    The bowling trophy was awarded to Terry Murphy (Bureau of Reclamation). Terry claimed the title as having the most impaired score. Starting off the first game with a score of 154 and ending up with a 90 in the second game resulted in a -67 differential between scores. This was an achievement that deserved the trophy! The lowest single game of 32 and the lowest average of 38 was by Beth McFarland (not bad considering she had altitude sickness!). The highest single game with a score of 171 was by Nathan Zorich and Nathan also had the most improved score with an increase of 57 from the first and second game (go Nathan!). Nick Ackerman claimed the highest average with 162 (awesome Nick!). The most consistent bowler with a difference of only one between his 107 and 106 scores was Brad Wymore (excellent Brad!).  



5.     Host of the 2019 Meeting: as this was discussed during the 2017 meeting, members agreed to have the 2019 meeting in Estacada, Oregon where PGE will host at their Clackamas River Project. Members that work with the USACE mentioned that the first two weeks of October are difficult for having a meeting as their budget year ends at that time.


6.    Preliminary discussion of the 2020 Meeting: There was discussion about the 2020 meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii being hosted by Sean Moura of Hawaiian Electric.


7.     A member discussion on how to promote APB was discussed. Ideas included calling power companies to speak with their environmental departments and invite biologists to attend, creating posters or flyers to post at other meetings (such as American Fisheries Society) where utility power biologists would be in attendance, and update the meeting website. Also discussed was updating the logo and updating the website registration payment system to include a credit card processing system in addition to PayPal.


8.    Special Acknowledgements: The 2017 APB Officers would like to thank SCE for hosting this year-s meeting. APB would also like to thank outgoing President, Chris Karchesky, for all his work for the organization over the last three years.

We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Sarah Ball of the Edison Electric Institute for EEI's generous contribution of $4,000.  This was Sarah's 7th year of providing the APB group with funding.  This funding keeps cost down for attendees and greatly improves the planning process for the APB officers.


We look forward to seeing everyone in 2019 in Estacada, Oregon!



Matt Bleich


Tacoma Power

3628 South 35th Street

Tacoma, WA 98409

(253) 502-8794

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Rachael Poston

Vice President/Treasurer

Southern California Edison
2244 Walnut Grove Avenue GO1-Quad 2C
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 260-5024

Maggie David


Portland General Electric

33831 SE Faraday Road

Estacada, OR 97023

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