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2019 Meeting Agenda

September 18, 19, and 2, Troutdale, Oregon

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60th Annual APB Conference

Hosted By: Portland General Electric

Clackamas River Hydro Electric Project

Estacada Oregon



Meeting Attendees


Andrew Gingerich

Douglas PUD


Laura Ricketts



Andrew Janos



Levi Pienovi



Andrew McDonnell

Snohomish PUD


Marc Wicke



Andrew Talabere



Margaret David



Chris Karchesky



Mark Ferraiolo



Chris Walker



Matt Bleich

Tacoma Power


Cory Quesada



Melora Shelton

Tacoma Power


Cory Starr



Michael Lotspeich



Dan Cramer



Michele Palmer



Darren Gallion



Nathan McClain



Eric Grosvenor



Nick Ackerman



Erik Lesko



Patricia Madson



Florian Leischner

Tacoma Power


Peter Graf

Grant PUD


Gabe Forrester

Douglas PUD


Phillip Sandstorm

Tacoma Power


Garth Wyatt



Rachael Poston



Gonzalo Mendez



Rich Grost

Pacific Power


Gregg Garnett



Scott R. Gibson

Tacoma Power


Jeremiah Doyle



Steve Brink

Idaho Power


Jim Day



Summer Peterman



Julie A. Doumbia



Terence Murphy



Karrie Gibbons



Tim Shibahara



Kendel Emmerson



Todd Olson



Kevin Barnes



Tony Fuchs




Wednesday September 19th  

Presiding APB President Matt Bleich welcomed participants and gave a few opening remarks regarding the 60th annual APB meeting.  He also introduced fellow officers Rachael Poston (Vice President and Treasurer) and Maggie David (Secretary). He also recognized Sarah Ball with Edison Electric Institute (EEI) who provided financial support for the 2019 APB meeting. Before presentations Rachael and Maggie quickly went over pertinent information pertaining to the Golf outing as well as updated information for the tour.



·      Andrew Gingerich (Douglas PUD): "Congratulations! You Have a Clean Water Act Required Section 401 Certification, But Do you Need a Section 402 NPDES Permit for Your Hydro Project?"


·      Nathan McClain (US Army Corps of Engineers) "Columbia River Federal Navigation Channel Dredging and Streaked Horned Larks – a success story!"


·      Peter Graf (Grant PUD): TDG Compliance – Minding the Gaps


·      Peter Graf (Grant PUD): High Productivity and Hydropower: Flow Protection in the Hanford Reach 


·      Jim Day (Army Corps of Engineers): American White Pelican, Fish Predation at the Dalles Dam, Dip and Tip Counts.


·      Chris Karchesky (PacifiCorp): The Swift Reservoir Floating Surface Collector: A Review of Progress Made and Plans for the Future.


·      Florian Leischner (Tacoma Power) & Todd Olson (PacifiCorp): In- lieu of Fish Passage Funding Programs: Thinking Outside the Box to Benefit Fish | Cowlitz Recovery and Restoration Fund and Lewis River In-lieu fund Decision


·      Garth Wyatt (PGE) State of the Union: Project Overview and Tour Preview


APB Golf & Opening Night Social

Following the conclusion of the first day of presentations, meeting attendees walked over the Par-3 Golf Course on the McMenamins Edgefield compound for the opening night social. 



Thursday September 19th


Project Tour of PGE Clackamas River Hydro Electric Project (Estacada, Oregon)

PGE's Tim Shibahara, Garth Wyatt, Nick Ackerman, Cory Quesada, Dan Cramer, Maggie David and Cory Starr teamed up to facilitate the group tour of the Clackamas River Hydro Electric Project. Two Separate tours were offered during the morning session. One focused on the fish passage infrastructure for both juvenile and adult migrating fish. The other tour focused on several terrestrial wildlife and land management measures but also cover several aquatic implementation and monitoring programs in the upper Clackamas River Basin. Many of the features highlighted during the tour were implemented as a result of the new FERC license issued in 2011. Participants chose which tour they would like to attend. All tour attendees convened for lunch at a PGE Park and enjoyed Pizza and refreshments while taking in lake front views. The day rapped up with a tour of the Sullivan Hydro Electric Project located in Oregon City, Oregon. 


Aquatics Tour

The aquatics tour started at River Mill Dam. Nick Ackerman and Garth Wyatt each lead a group and discussed both upstream and downstream fish passage at River Mill Dam. Nick and Garth highlighted major gains in fish passage with the installation of a fixed 500 cfs downstream collector and the half ice-harbor style fish ladder that includes lamprey friendly features. Additionally, from River Mill Dam the group was able to see the gravel pile placed below River Mill Dam as part of PGE's gravel augmentation program. To date 38,000 yds3 of gravel have been placed with approximately 18,000 yds3 being captured and transported downstream. From there the group was shown the Timber Park sampling facility where a sample of fish captured at North Fork Dam are processed.  Moving upstream the group stopped at the Faraday Diversion Dam where Garth Wyatt discussed the North Fork ladder and flow management through the Project reach. The next stop moving upstream was the adult sorting facility commissioned in 2013. The group got an in-depth overview of how the facility works and were able to see fish sorted via a hands-free/anesthetic-free sorting method. Last stop before lunch was North Fork Dam. The group was shown the major improvements to passage made at North Fork Dam. Particularly the 1000 cfs floating surface collector and the spillway block net which have greatly increased collection of migrating fish.





Terrestrial Tour

The terrestrial tour was led by Cory Quesada and Dan Cramer of PGE. The first stop of the day was at Davis Ranch Wetland, part of an 80-acre PGE owned inholding within the Mount Hood National Forest. The group discussed the historical use of the site as a lay-down area and housing facility during construction of the pipeline in the early 1900's, and the wetland restoration project that was completed in 2013. Walking through the site we discussed native revegetation success, the ongoing management of invasive plants, and wildlife use of the site.


The second stop took the group to "Crack-in-the-Ground" for an up-close look at the gravel augmentation site for the Oak Grove Fork downstream of Harriet Dam. To date 1550 tons of gravel have been placed with approximately 1050 tons being captured and transported downstream. The group also had access to an Oak Grove Pipeline animal crossing and the Harriet Powerhouse which provides minimum flow releases to the lower Oak Grove Fork.





The group stopped for lunch at Promontory Park Campground and Marina.  After lunch the group made a quick stop by the North Fork Habitat Project. Tim Shibahara explained the significance of the project and how providing habitat in the river-to-lake transitional zones can benefit fish and wildlife.










Joint Afternoon Tour

After lunch the group caravanned over to the Sullivan Hydro Electric Project located in Oregon City Oregon. Dan Cramer and Tim Shibahara shared with the group the history of the Project and the fish passage improvements PGE has made. The group was first shown the downstream bypass chute and heard about the improvements made to reduce entrainment through the turbine intakes. From there the grouped walked along a boardwalk until they reached a perfect view of Willamette Falls.  The group was shown the 200-foot wide gated flow control structure and the original fish ladder that was excavated out of the falls in late 1800s.



APB Dinner Banquet

After a full day spent touring the Clackamas River and the Sullivan Hydro Electric Projects, meeting attendees met up in Blackberry Hall at McMenamins Edgefield for a catered dinner.


Friday September 20th 




·      Dan Cramer (PGE): TMDL – Let's Get Creative!

·      Tony Fuchs (Puget Sound Energy): Terrestrial Resource Management Plan for the Baker River License


·      Rachael Poston (Edison Electric): SCE's Region 5 US Forest Service Master Special Use Permit

Business Meeting

President Matt Bleich called the business meeting to order following the conclusion of the presentations.


Orders of Business

Old Business

Review of the 2018 Meeting Minutes: Secretary Maggie David did a quick read-through from the 2018 meeting minutes (Hosted by Southern California Edison, Mammoth Lakes, CA) to the group.  The meeting minutes were approved.   

New Business

1.     Treasury Report: Rachael Poston presented the Treasury Report at the meeting.  The report is included in the meeting minutes below.

              I.         APB carried over a balance of $3,162.00 from the 2018 meeting.  Total expenses for APB in 2019 were $6,806.27.  The meeting cost and annual business expenses were shared among 46 attendees who paid a registration fee of $100 and a cash sponsorship from Edison Electrical Institute in the amount of $4,000.  After the completion of the 2019 meeting the APB treasury balance was $3,955.73.


            II.         Litehouse Technology, LLC continued to do the website hosting.  Total website costs including the GoDaddy fee and website updates was $396.17.





2018 Carry Over




EEI Contribution




Registration Fees




Paypal Fees




SCE Federal Credit Union Charity Donation




Litehouse Web Hosting and Updates




Website Domain Renewal GoDaddy




Google Drive Yearly Storage




McMinamins Edgefield (Meeting room; Wednesday night social; Thursday Night Social)




Meeting Supplies & Tour Snacks and Refreshments




Gifts for Meeting & President








Remaining Meeting Fees to be Collected




2.    Candidate/New Full Members: Maggie David read the list of all candidate/new members who submitted completed applications.


              I.         Two candidate members declared for 2019.

                          i.     Michele Palmer – Environmental Protection Specialist working for BPA. She works as a liaison for the Willamette Valley System EIS. She has worked for BPA for 9 months. She has a M.S. in biology. Sponsored by Maggie David.


                        ii.     Melora Shelton – Fish and habitat biologist for Tacoma Power. She provides technical expertise for fish, habitat, restoration and instream flow management for the Cowlitz, Cushman, and Nisqually Hydro Projects. She has worked for Tacoma Power for 15 months. She has a B.A. in Biology from Albion College and a M.S. in fishery and aquatic sciences from University of Washington.  Sponsored by Florian Leischner and Matt Bleich.


            II.         Three new full members declared for 2018:


                                   i.         Cory Quesada – Wildlife Biologist for PGE. His focus of work is to implement terrestrial resource and vegetation management plans for the Clackamas River Hydro Project. He has worked for PGE for 12 years and has a B.S. in fish and wildlife science from Oregon State University. Sponsored by Maggie David.


                                 ii.         Andrew McDonnell – Senior environmental coordinator for Snohomish County PUD. He works on aquatic and terrestrial compliance and reporting for the Jackson, Young Creek, Woods Creek, Hancock Creek and Calligan Hydro Projects. He has worked for SnoPUD for 4.5 years. He has a B.S. in environmental science from University of Dubuque, Iowa and a M.S. in wildlife and fishery science from Mississippi State University, Mississippi. Sponsored by Mike Schutt.


                                iii.         Peter Graf – Fisheries Scientist for Grant PUD. He works on salmon passage at Priest Rapids and Wanapum Dams, as well as, hatchery mitigation, environmental flow protections and water quality. He has worked for Grant PUD for 7 years. He has a B.S. in environmental science from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a M.S. in biology from the University of Nevada, Reno. Sponsored by Andrew Gingerich.


3.    Officer Nominations and Elections: The secretary position was open. Gregg Garnet was nominated and voted in as APB secretary. Congratulations Gregg!


4.    Maggie showed the group the new APB logo. Designed by Cory Starr (PGE Senior Environmental Technician).


5.    Several meeting locations were suggested:

                                 i.         Dam removal sites on the Elwa River: Port Angeles Washington

                               ii.         PGE Pelton Round Butte Hydroproject: Madras Oregon

                             iii.         Pacificorp Wallowa Falls Hydroproject: Wallowa County Oregon

                              iv.         Grant PUD: TBA







6.    Meeting Awards:


·      As determined by a confidential vote, the award for best presentation went to Peter Graf (Grant PUD) for his presentation titled "High Productivity and Hydropower: Flow Protection in the Hanford Reach".


              I.         The bowling trophy was awarded to Dan Cramer aka "King of the Falls" (PGE). Dan claimed the title as having Best ball during the golfing event.

            II.         Best team trophy was awarded to team F-SHIPO for their best ball score of 30 with no lost balls. (Steve Bink, Nathan McClain, Nick Ackerman, and Peter Graf).

          III.         Worst team trophy was awarded to team Double or Nuthin' for their best ball score of 35 with 5 lost balls. (Jim Day, Mark Ferraiolo, Rachael Poston, and Eric Lesko).

          IV.         Erik Lesko won the prize of 100+ golf balls for losing the most balls during the event. His award was accepted by Chris Karchesky.

Overall Golf Score


7.     Matt Bleich led a discussion about whether incorporating leaders from hydro departments (in fisheries and wildlife) should be incorporated into APB. There was a back and forth with several members and it was decided that a roundtable discussion format would be a beneficial way to incorporate industry leaders.

8.    Special Acknowledgements: The 2019 APB Officers would like to thank PGE for hosting this year's meeting. APB would also like to thank outgoing President, Matt Bleich, for all his work for the organization over the last three years.

We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Sarah Ball of the Edison Electric Institute for EEI's generous contribution of $4,000.  This was Sarah's 8th year of providing the APB group with funding.  This funding keeps cost down for attendees and greatly improves the planning process for the APB officers.


We look forward to seeing everyone in 2020!


Rachael Poston


Southern California Edison
2244 Walnut Grove Avenue GO1-Quad 2C
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 260-5024


Maggie David

Vice President

Portland General Electric

33831 SE Faraday Road

Estacada, OR 97023

(503) 630-8215


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Gregg Garnett


U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

1375 SE Wilson Ave Suite 100

Bend, OR 97702

(541) 480-9493


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